‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Summer Finale: The Episode’s Most Shocking Moments

Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. In this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, we learned that Noel Kahn Brant Daugherty is not just a misunderstood character, as the writers have led us to believe, or simply an embodiment of some “bad boy” trope. Rather, he’s turning out to be an actual villain on the show. Spencer Troian Bellisario and Emily Shay Mitchell found a flash drive full of video footage of Noel tormenting them when they were locked in the Doll House. I will admit, I was actually shocked to realize he could be that evil. I always thought he was part of the “A” team — but somewhere on the periphery. He knew who the leader was, but only chose to take part in the more low-key harassment. But tormenting people who are unconscious after they were kidnapped, locked in an isolated house, and abused through shock treatment and other psychological methods? That’s truly beyond what I thought him capable of.

Noel Kahn (Book Character)

Pretty Little Liars is bringing back some of your favorite frenemies, and it really has been way too long since we’ve seen them. Luckily, Season 7 has been one full of homecomings, and though the Liars may not be excited about who’s back in town, fans certainly should be. At the very end of the episode, he met up with Jenna at the Radley for “babes and booze” and their encounter making us wonder: are Noel and Jenna dating on Pretty Little Liars?

Back when the two were shady students at Rosewood High, Noel and Jenna were the couple du jour. It was only appropriate, considering both seemingly had a vendetta against the Liars. Hey, look at that, shared interests!

Plus, who’s the father of Emily and Alison’s baby? How did Jenna Marshall, Noel Kahn, Sara Harvey and Sydney Driscoll fit into A.D.’s plan? Caleb are expecting a baby, and Toby and the real Spencer are happily dating.

Noel Kahn was a typical, charming rich boy with a very bad side who frequently threw wild parties. He was portrayed by Brant Daugherty. In Season 1 , it’s shown that he had feelings for Aria and briefly dates her. Through a flashback, it is revealed that Aria used to harbor a crush on him when Alison DiLaurentis was still alive. Fitz ‘s English class. When Noel discovers that Aria has been seeing Ezra, he ends things with her.

Noel has an older brother, Eric Kahn , whom he follows in his footsteps by throwing parties. He is also described as brainy and immature by Alison.

Who is jenna dating in pretty little liars

Locked inside a creepy former school for the blind, the girls had nowhere to escape from Jenna Marshall and Noel Kahn, who set out to kill them with a gun and an ax. And one of the Pretty Little Liars may not have made it out alive. But before those nail-biting moments, fans got to see one of their favorite couples reconnect, while others said what might have been a final goodbye. To learn who survived, who is A.

Elliot Rollins, might be the father. Emily and Alison reconnect and end up kissing.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 5 Theories: What Is Noel Kahn Hiding? Could Ali have asked Noel to date her former friends/enemies in order to determine if Noel could most certainly be connected with the girl who is currently.

Take a trip down memory lane to revisit those characters, ranked for your convenience. Her wicked and very equestrian-centric, for some reason ways would normally not make her a strong contender for overall annoyingness, but releasing naked photos of yourself to frame Hanna as being evil? And frankly, dumb. But kudos to Aria for being a good friend about it, and using him back to date Ezra.

But Jackie left Ezra of her own accord months before he and Aria casually got together, and trying to win his emotions back for no reason other than seeing him happy with Aria reeks of desperation. And blackmailing a teen after a teen blackmails you first? Girl, please. She gets bonus points for putting the whole situation behind her as an admissions officer, when she accepts Aria into her college, though. Ivy League dreams instead. Meredith Sorenson First off, anyone who is sexually interested in Byron Montgomery has to rethink their lives.

He never deserved Ella. Fight me. It was all very harmless. And then Aria betrays him for our teacher, and then he get suspended from school, and then this whole cascade of terrible things happens to him throughout the years.

‘Pretty Little Liars’: 4 Reasons Noel Kahn could really be A.D.

Prove you’re a true PLLsquad member by picking which thing actually happened. Toby’s father, Randall Cavanaugh, was part of the A team, and he killed Melissa. Explanation: “Toby was part of the A team for a minute, to protect Spencer. We never actually met Tobias’s father, in fact we don’t even know his name I’m good at lying,” said Allen.

Tori had the biggest crush on Noel Kahn since the sixth grade. Five years later, they are now dating and in love. But, will -A come in the way of.

From their initial crushes and their relationship mistakes to the people they ended up living happily ever after with, these girls had some adorable and amazing significant others throughout this story! In fact… Some of these people were so awesome that fans surely dreamed about being with them themselves, now and then. On the other hand, though, there are some boyfriends and girlfriends who were less than desirable.

Obviously, Toby Cavanaugh is high up on this list, and he may have been the nicest character on the entire show! He was genuinely sweet and caring. He became a cop, making him even more of a valuable resource and a protector. He was good with his hands, as he built Spencer a custom rocking chair and went on to build a house on his own. And he was fun to hang out with, meaning he would come with mornings full of snuggles and coffee and afternoons spent playing Scrabble.

Who Is Noel Kahn On ‘Pretty Little Liars’? He’s Working With Sara And Jenna

With Pretty Little Liars being off of our screens until April , there’s going to be a very large Rosewood-shaped hole in our hearts for the next few months. But instead of crying over spilt Spoby blood too soon? Sasha Pieterse was 12 years old when she landed the role of Alison DiLaurentis. It’s been alluded to in interviews that she got a little thrifty with her age in order to actually get the part, and by the time the PLL bigwigs realised how old she really was, she’d already shot the pilot.

VERY Alison of her.

I always wonder what Noel Kahn has anything to do with the whole thing. Noel and Jenna were dating in the back half of season two and first half of season Tyler Blackburn from Pretty Little Liars answers some questions about the show!

Fields took her arm. The street smelled of car exhaust and stale beer from the dive bar next door. But it was. Dizzily, she glanced at her phone again. As if on cue, a text message from an anonymous sender had come in. Emily gasped as she read the note. Her boyfriend, Noel Kahn, dashed across the grass and tried for his fifth goal in a row.

Aria held her breath as the ball sailed into the net. The lacrosse team was raising money for the local homeless shelter, and people had placed donation bets on which player could get the most balls past the goalie in under a minute. Naturally, Aria had ten bucks on Noel.

Pretty Little Liars Star Brant Daugherty Is Engaged!

Fri, June, 23 by Allison Bowsher. The show has been packed with exciting mysteries and puzzles over its run, but with so many seasons, characters, and layers, making sense of it all can feel overwhelming. Here are 20 things that will never make any sense on Pretty Little Liars. ET on Bravo.

on Caleb hacking into your heart? Find out here which PLL hottie is the one for you We won’t even judge you if you get bad boy Noel Kahn.

With the girls not fully supporting Hanna, she takes matters into her own hands and faces Noel Kahn herself. Uh-oh, Hanna! This does not look like it will end will. I personally believe that maybe it is far too obvious for Noel Kahn to be A. Do you believe that Noel Kahn is really A. Hanna tracks down Noel Kahn and follows him to find out what the nasty son of a B has been up to. She catches Noel dumping a bag into the trash, and of course, she searches through it.

Was Sara onto him? Is that why he killed her? Is Noel working alone or alongside Jenna? He threatens Hanna that she could be next and grabs the phone off her and leaves. Noel Kahn, watch your back, man!

Marlene King Answers ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Summer Finale Burning Questions: Who’s Really Dead?

There are a lot of burning questions that need to be answered on Pretty Little Liars , but the most pressing mystery heading into the Season 7 summer finale is: Who is Mary Drake’s Andrea Parker missing child? There have been several clues dropped in the first half of Season 7 about who the missing Drake child could be. We know that Mary’s second child is younger than her oldest, Charlotte Vanessa Ray , and was adopted after Mary gave birth in Radley Sanitarium — making him or her about the Liars’ age.

Noel Kahn’s Brant Daughtery father is also the judge that approved the adoption. We’ve compiled the evidence and put together our best guesses as to who “the missing Drake” could be.

Brant Daughtery and Tammin Sursok, Pretty Little Liars | Photo Credits: Byron Cohen, Freeform△. There are a lot Noel Kahn’s (Brant Daughtery) father is also the judge that approved the adoption. data-image-date-created=”/08/​30″ data-image-crop=”” Subscribe or Subscribe with Google now.

So I officially want to move to Rosewood. It has far surpassed Stars Hollow as my fictional town of choice. Lucky Leon’s Cupcakes? A hospital that can heal a broken leg in less than 10 days? Even the area of Dumpsters Toby chose to hide in and cry is cute. Not to mention that the woods have Wi-Fi, but before I pack my bags for the open room at the St.

So “single dad” Chad Lowe and Aria’s brother Mike were back! That was exciting. Though can you really be considered a single parent if the other parent lives down the street from you? Mike is still angry and brooding about his parents’ separation.

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