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The Greek Alps - Pindos

A collection of photos that I have shot during my stay in Ipirus Greece, 3 years now. Some mountains and peaks shown are Tymfi, ...

TERRANO II - Pindos mountain chain (south)

Perasma Kataras(curse crossing)

"Shepherd's Trail" mountain bike in Pindos cordillera

A short video about mountain biking in the cordillera of Pindos and the last shepherd's in the surrounding area of Valia kalda's ...

Over the mountains of Pindos

Zampakas Hotel Panorama at Stournareika Trikala central Greece offers great relaxing times for you and your family with a ...

Greece August 2017 - part 1, Pindus mountains

Part 1 of our summer travels in Greece.

Hiking In Pindus Mountains, Zagorochoria | Vikos Gorge | GoPro

Hiking In Zagorochoria The Vikos Gorge (Greek: Φαράγγι του Βίκου) is a gorge in the Pindus Mountains of northern Greece.

Heliski Greece Pindus Mountain Range

First Heliski Operation Pindus Mountain Range Greece operated by HHSG - Heliski Greece - http://www.heliskigreece.com.

Timelapse Tzoumerka, south Pindus, Greece

The first timelapse is from a col at 1950m in front of the peak "Gerakobouni" at tzoumerka mountain range. Second timelapse is ...

Northern Pindos off road crossing - highlights

Off road adventure in North Pindos, Greece 2014 March 25th. The journey span three days and included scenic places like Valia ...


This national park lies in north-western Greece and covers the forested slopes of part of the Pindos Mts. The habitats include ...

2WheelToursPindos 2018-An unforgettable Mototour (PART 1)

In an effort to escape from anything familiar for a couple of days, I went on a solo 3-day tour of the Pindos Mountain range in ...

Zagori Region Greece | Picturesque Mountains and Nature

Come with me to Zagori. Zagori is a region and a municipality in the Pindus mountains in Epirus, in the northwest of Greece.

Scouting - Pindos Trophy 2013

Preparing the route for the Pindos Trophy pilot event 25-29 October 2013. Some shoots from scouting in Meteora Greece this ...

Hiking in North Pindos. Tsoukes viewpoint and Vradeto steps. Day 3

Hiking in north Pindos mountains. Day 3 - Tsoukes viewpoint and Vradeto steps, finish in Koukouli.

North Pindos Trekking 19-27/8/2017

North Pindos Trekking 19-27/8/2017 Το καθιερωμένο εβδομαδιαίο πλέον North Pindos Trekking του Αυγούστου έχει γίνει πλέον ...

Hiking in North Pindos (Greece). Day 1 -Vikos Gorge

Hiking in north Pindos mountains. Day 1 - from Kipi to Mikro Papigo. Distance - 20 km.

Riding Pindos 2015

Five days in the heart of the Greek mountains from the breath taking Vardousia Mountains to Agrafiotis river straight to the heart of ...

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