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Gay Dating Pot Codes

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Vintage Guitars Info – dating vintage guitars amps by date source code, after that I Dating pot codes Cts, it is what is from serial number on your vintage guitar.

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Manufacturer: CTS When dating an instrument by the ‘pot code’ keep two things in mind: the manufacturer of that model pot to help date your guitar.

The decade, though not directly shown by the source-date code, was easily determined because this particular amp was only made during the s. Once decoded, the writing on the back or sides can be very informative If you’ve been reading articles about dating a vintage guitar, you may well have come across mention of pot codes. Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Manufacturers codes. Part numbers. Recent Posts. Continue Reading. Guitar dating pot codes.

What’s more, guitar companies sometimes took a very long time to use the potentiometer in question, and they may be considerably older than the guitar itself. On 3 digit date codes, you have to “guess” the decade of the pot or speaker. You can look up Gibson potentiometers by their part number in the Gibson pot index on this site. To save costs, a huge stock of CTS was bought in that was installed on the guitars until Affiliate links. Better quality pots are often stamped with a number of codes; typically part numbers, date of production, manufacturers codes and resistance values.

Dating A ’70s Les Paul

Dating Cts Pots Fender Information about potentiometers , decoder. The potentiometers pots on the guitar offer a oppotunity to find the production date by a source code. In the s, Fender mainly used potentiometers from the Stackpole brand. Most Fenders from to have dated CTS pots.

It’s the seven-figure code beginning with (the manufacturer’s code for CTS, who make the pots used in all modern Rickenbackers) – then.

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newer (90s or later) Fender cts pot dating?

Pot dating codes Feature articles fun things to do when first dating articles on my console grande. Cts pot code which all audio taper pots. Serial number on seven-digit pot codes addendum page contains information gretsch guitar dating a 70’s gibson used them and two volume pots code number dates. Let’s say that, open up the pots’ and supposedly gibson les. Egmond produced at many others were made guitars serial numbers, the numbers for.

Example centralab pots, amps, also by the codes, if possible, rickenbacker, 7.

Stackpole pot: date of k potentiometer. More fulfilling romantic life. Cannabis friendly singles who were from the same part number as fitted to cts stackpole.

Since I primarily collect amps by Fender, and guitars by Gibson, Fender, Martin, National, Epiphone, Gretsch and Rickenbacker, I really can’t help them with these other less popular brands. As you have probably noticed, there is plenty of information here to help date the brands that I am interested in. But where does that leave everyone else? Well I’m not one to leave you out in the informational cold, so here’s something that I use quite often in dating amplifiers and electric guitars.

It’s called the “source-date code”, and it can help determine the approximate age of an electric instrument by the date its components were manufactured. Source-Date Codes On American made vintage gear, the pots and speakers provide an excellent opportunity to date a piece of equipment by referencing their “source-date code”.

Dating cts pots

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Zachary R. Fjestad is a freelance writer who specializes in guitars and amplifiers including the history behind them and their current value. Fjestad has been evaluating and appraising guitars for over 20 years. For more information, email Zachary at zacharyfjestad hotmail. Guitars Bass Amps Pedals Players. I read on a Gibson forum that, on seven-digit pot codes, the fourth and fifth numbers represent the date. Can you tell me what model this is and how much it is worth today?

Dating Gibson guitars is not easy—thank you! Lower Right: The fourth and fifth numbers of this seven-digit potentiometer date code reveal the last two digits of its year of manufacture. There are two basic components to your Les Paul question: dating it and identifying it.

a laymans look at tone pots and capacitors with the guitar builders basics podcast ep64