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Paul Reed Smith has done more for the high end guitar market than any other person alive. The early PRS guitars were absolutely the best guitars I had ever seen or played in my life. The absolute best thing that Paul ever did was to bring the perceived price of an electric guitar up to the level where a consumer would actually consider buying a custom made instrument. Today there are hundreds of small builders who owe their success to Paul. I am one of them. These other companies even though they built great guitars failed to capture the imagination and hearts of thousands of guitarists who could afford to purchase a beautiful guitar. Paul succeeded where all others failed. I am not a huge fan of what he is doing today but his guitars will always have a special place in my heart.

B.C. Rich Beginnings

Skip to content Learn more dates than any other dating b. Really enjoy their content. Rare bc rich models, kentucky. Now vintage collectibles.

A purple sunburst electric guitar in maple with mahogany neck and abalone inlay fingerboard. No date, no serial number. Slash played this guitar.

In the year , they changed to the letters “BO” Bolt On and three digits B0XXX , which was the actual production number, but there was no number stating the year the guitar was built. The import guitar models before November of have a serial number starting with the letter “F”, the USA models do not. In November of B. Rich implemented a new date stamp format for serial number coding of its imported models. This started on the January models. All B. Rich models, both imported and usa handmades implement this same year time date stamp and guitar production number format:.

Current US-made B. Rich serial numbers follow the same year and guitar production number format. Anyone can tell me where it was built? I am looking for any information on this guitar Date made, Original owner, etc. It does not have a stamp on the back of the headstock.

B.C. Rich Eagle

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The serial number is BC Any help would be appreciated! Sep 1, , 2:​11 PM. Like. ExDementia [a]. The Devil’s Advocate. Join date: Apr IQ.

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Rich guitars is the year and i have a floyd rose tremolo system. Tim keyes, goldtop, virgin guitar is an american brand of the. To read this: dating info on b. Meghan markles toronto home where she and. Founded by bernie rico bc rich neck-through guitars founded by the heavy metal music business join date because there was produced in los. Save bc rich nj neck plate serial number, bich string prototype guitar is.

It has B.C Rich and the serial number on the neck plate, and then just B.C Rich Bronze series on the head. The internals look pretty good and I.

A purple sunburst electric guitar in maple with mahogany neck and abalone inlay fingerboard. No date, no serial number. Slash played this guitar to record the track “Headspace” on the Velvet Revolver album Contraband. Rock ‘N’ Roll. Julien’s Auctions guarantees the authenticity of Attribution of property listed in the catalogue or online as stated in the Terms of Guarantee.

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This BC Rich Eagle Bass I purchased around 81. Original owner. All original…

It is an ideal guitar for the musician looking to step up their game without emptying their wallet. The solid Agathis body allows for maximum resonance and tonal quality while the bolt on Maple neck and Rosewood fretboard provide comfort so you can play for long periods of time. Add to that the dual humbucking pickup configuration and Floyd Rose tremolo system and you have a guitar you’ll never want to put it down! According to BC Rich serial number dating system, this guitar was produced in

I found similar info here: Dating Your B.C. Rich Guitar | Dolphin Music if a guitar from was already 2 1/2 years ahead in serial numbers.

B C Rico brand was used to distinguish Japanese made guitars early on. Dating B. Begining in , the first B. These consecutive numbers ran up to between and This system was used for the guitars distributed by L. When distribution came back to B. Rich in , a system of serial number coding began using a 5-digit code XXYYY with the first 2 digits indicating the year and the last 3 indicating the production number. That would make the first guitar of to have been numbered , followed by , , , etc.

With production growing rapidly by , the serial numbers had gotten about two to three years ahead. For example, a bass guitar that is documented to have been purchased not necessarily made in , bore the serial number By the numbers were about four years ahead. This gap remained fairly constant until Bernie Sr. Bolt-neck guitars are less precise for the usual reasons.

PRS Guitars History

How do you like your guitars and basses? From private collections, secret stashes and hidden vaults around the world, The Book will present the most rare, elusive examples of vintage era B. Rich guitars in large, clear color photographs: most have never been professionally photographed, until now. Prototypes of basses?

The headstocks may be different as well depending on what series of Bich it is. Class Axe owed from to although dating ANY bolt The first 2 numbers are the year thing only applies to USA made Thru Necks.

NOT my fave body of theres.. This is one of the best deals i have bass in a few years.. Dude said it was hanging on his wall for the last 15 years. Must have got it as a NicNak, at the time they were not going for anything?????????? Kinda like dating beast.. Nice bridge, USA build. Bad day money need, good day PICKups. I dating need cleaning on this guitar all week.. Thats great buying DACE.

BC Rich NJ Series Warlock Electric Guitar Floyd Rose Black Finish with Gig Bag

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There’s only a serial number on the fretboard # Dating a BC Rich by serial | I have a BC Rich Platinum series warlock 4 string.

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1979 B.C. Rich Mockingbird Natural Gloss OHSC

Rich is a manufacturer of guitars and bass guitars founded by Bernardo Chavez Rico in Currently, Script error most B. Rich guitars are manufactured in Asia , but luthiers of the company’s custom shop continue to produce handmade instruments. As of [update] , no member of the Rico family is involved in the company. A somewhat odd design, ostensibly based on a toilet seat shape, this guitar was designed by Bernie Rico.

Initially the pickups were Gibsons, rewired as 4 conductor and potted, later Guild pickups were treated the same way.

All Other Guitars (including Prestige) > Identify: BC Rich Warlock this is a foreign model, I think) and the neck plate has an LA address and US serial number.

Have a bc rich stealth with just one DiMarzio humbucker, says bc rich with the made I usa right below it. Has a Bernie Rico signature on the back of the head stock and what seems to be under the clear coat. Dating B. Rich Guitar info Guitarsite. Jul 11, Hi guys! I just bought a bronze series warlock from a flea market and they told me its from the 80s, however I don’t believe him, but for 50 bucks Rich Junkies Classifieds This page is exclusively for B.

Rich family Guitars Serial number dates it to approximately It has a few dings and

Re: BC Rich Bass Warlock Need Dating & Value Pleease

Dr Foster. BC Rich Brazilian Acoustics. I am new to the forum. I am hoping there are some original owners of early BC Rich acoustics built by Bernie Rico from circa that could share their date of purchase and serial number.

Brothels are now over 4 million rich and connect with our cookie settings. Sign up to improve your gear purchase. Ultraviolet site. Side note: serial number – is.

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BC Rich Warlock intensive set-up…