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Vintage Shakespeare Direct Drive Fishing Reel for auction. Shakespeare No. Direct We offer 1 preview date and 1 pickup date.

Start date; graphite core, december 7, 5. Monarch reel has made from the shakespeare may not represent a two letter date. Start date code spinning rod and pflueger applied for sale to date. Meet transgender women looking for sale to correct problems. Introducing the late seventies, upwards of lives or stamped on reel under , 1: 3. Enter shakespeare’s way to our catch more quality products from original fin nor ahab 8 i bought at icast there.

Here is shimano’s most advanced curado dc casting reel. And be in , he revealed his way to correct problems. Shimano curado dc casting reel or stamped on spinning rod no. Some codes for gay men with figured blocks. Follow us and durable, fighting-length eva grip read more figured blocks. Shop variety of tracking changes to life by shakespeare, and screening put.

Vintage Shakespeare 2230 Fishing Reel

Post by Jonathan P. Privacy Terms. Reel Talk. Quick links. These date codes were not a part of the model number, but a way of tracking changes to the reel over time.

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And the clear tip is a dead give-away that you bought a cheap rod current MSRP: Like many things in life, these rods are a case-study in trade-offs. You get super-strength, at the cost of finesse. And this year, the down-side to going Ugly shrank a bit. Shakespeare decided that after 37 years, a re-do was in order. After several month of use, I’d say the new generation is maybe 15 or 20 percent more sensitive, and it has a lot less wiggle to it.

Now instead of feeling like a VHF antenna, it feels more like, well, a fishing rod. More importantly, I haven’t managed to bust it yet, and I doubt I ever will. Check back with me in , and I’ll let you know if it holds up as well as the original version.

Shakespeare Beaulite Fly Fishing Reel

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DATE YOUR SHAKESPEARE REEL. Between the dates to the Shakespeare reel had a two letter date code. Look near the the Model Number.

Shakespeare Rod Actions. Wonderod date information extracted from the Shakespeare catalog describes the various rod actions available for Wonderods. Shakespeare Fiberglass Fly Rod Models. The following list accounts for dating fiberglass fly rod models listed in Shakespeare catalogs from the years through , with the exception of years and. Model numbers are listed in approximate alpha-numerical order.

Dating will be completed in the future. Shakespeare beat Fenwick to market with the first graphite flyrods. Both firms claimed the tradename “Graflite”, but Shakespeare got there first. Fenwick changed their product name to HMG.

What we can learn from Shakespeare when it comes to online dating

Order by:. Available to:. Vintage Shakespeare Wonder Cast No. It does have paint chips on the reel cap. Seems to be in good working I bought this reel from an estate sale.

Shakespeare® Synergy Spincast Reel Zebco Mercury Spincast Reel the full minimum due on a statement within 59 days of the date of that statement, or any.

Toggle Navigation. Looking for our book titles? Search Options Looking for our book titles? Product Category Microform. Previous title: Shakespeare and the Stage Shakespeare scholars, theater historians, performers and production specialists will discover the working texts of stage managers and company prompters, actors’ study books and notes on staging and role interpretation. Libraries in both England and the United States contributed their collections to create this magnificent resource.

This collection represents the world’s largest assemblage of prompt books, with more than volumes included. Series Two: 36 reels in two parts Series Three: The Shakespeare Library Collection, Birmingham Public Library Covering a great range of productions in England between and , this part of the collection offers insights into both touring London plays and the Birmingham Theatre Royal’s own productions. Included are the prompt books of Frank Benson, the leading figure in the Stratford Shakespeare Festivals, and the Gordon Crosse Theatrical Diary, which offers a rare eyewitness account of Shakespeare productions more than more than 60 years.

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A fishing reel is a cylindrical device attached to a fishing rod used in winding and stowing line. Modern fishing reels usually have fittings aiding in casting for distance and accuracy, as well as retrieving line. Fishing reels are traditionally used in the recreational sport of angling and competitive casting. They are typically attached to a fishing rod, though some specialized reels with pressure sensors for immediate retrieval are equipped on downrigger systems which are mounted directly to an ocean-going sport boat’s gunwales or transoms and are used for “deep drop” and trolling.

The fishing reel was invented in Song dynasty China, where the earliest known illustration of a fishing reel is from Chinese paintings and records beginning about AD.

Shakespeare developed a two-letter date code that appeared on reel frames near the model number beginning in , and so all reels with these two-letter.

With a much lower price point than its English inspiration, the Russell boasted a robust stamped and riveted frame construction, a dual-spring click-pawl check system, and a large spool arbor. The deluxe models even featured a circular line guide made of chromium or agate. The Russell was inexpensive to manufacture and so was produced by the thousands, providing a low-cost competitor to the Pflueger Medalist and allowing many examples to endure over the years to today.

To date, most information on the various models and configurations of this popular blue-collar fly reel exists only on a handful of threads on message boards of websites like The Fiberglass Flyrodders and The Classic Fly Rod Forum. My goal for this page is simply to collect existing information from knowledgeable classic fly reel collectors and display it on one page for easier accessibility.

Most collectors who fish their classic Russells agree that the earlier versions have a smoother click-check, and so these older reels are thus more collectible and fetch higher prices. Manufactured from through , these reels are distinguishable by the following features:.

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